About EVL

The goal of the MIT Electric Vehicle Lab (EVL) is to advance vehicle technologies that have less of an impact on the environment and human health. Electric vehicles offer better performance and a path to more sustainable transportation. 

The EVL has built electric motorcycles for the oldest and most dangerous motorsports races in the world, battery packs for 15-minute charging, analyzed data to understand the energy use in BMW’s EV fleet and developed algorithms that predict the distance remaining until the EV battery is depleted. Education is a focus of the lab, with course offerings in electric car design, a summer program where students build electric boats and EV modeling and instrumentation. The lab has partnered with the leading automotive, motorcycle and battery manufacturers: BMW, Zero Motorcycles, A123 Systems, Boston Power, xkuty and Boosted Boards. International academic parters include Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), Brunel University in London and Sweden’s Royal Insititute of Technology (KTH).

The EVL grew out of and works closely with the MIT Electric Vehicle Team (EVT). EVL focuses on research and publications while EVT engages students in extracuricular projects. 

Part of the MIT-IDC Community